Construction Management

Our construction management system is highly transparent and collaborative, and involves rigorous bidding at the trade contractor and supplier level, ensuring a total project cost at the low end of market value. It is based on a fixed contract cost.


We typically get involved with projects relatively early in the design and planning stage and organize our involvement into pre-construction and construction project phases. This allows us to add the most value to our clients. This is especially true for those clients who are interested in pursuing a green or sustainable project. Brief summaries of our pre-construction and construction services are listed below.

Pre-construction Services

  • Our pre-construction involvement typically focuses on providing technical and financial input to our clients and their architects which assists with the design and planning phase of the project providing valuable cost, value engineering, constructability, permitting, and scheduling input.
  • Starting as early as the concept drawing phase, a detailed project budget is developed and then updated as the design progresses towards completion.   This provides excellent budget data early in the project which can facilitate design decisions.
  • Our strong technical background and knowledge of best sustainable practices  can provide client assistance in assessing and evaluating building envelope, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system options.
  • At the completion of our pre-construction work we supply a detailed project quote and schedule, building permits, and all other documentation required to prepare for the start of construction.
  • Only then, with full design, cost, and schedule visibility, do our clients commit to the construction phase of the project.

Construction Services

Our construction involvement focuses on delivering the highest quality craftsmanship on time and on budget. This includes daily on-site supervision, inspections, coordination of all work, and management of commercial transactions and documentation. We work closely with our clients, the architect, and all other technical professionals involved with the project utilizing detailed schedules, regular written updates with photos, site and phone meetings, and email correspondence.